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  1. John Lockwood says:

    Congratulations on getting AirPlay working with Media Center!

    I would be interested to hear when you manage to get music streaming also working. If you do, it would be desirable if in addition to AAC format (and presumably MP3) you can also ensure Apple Lossless works.

    For your information it is possible to use Apple Lossless (aka. ALAC) in Windows Media Player and Media Center. This is based on the work of myself, Milenko Mitrovic, and more recently assistance from Tim De Baets.

    To get Apple Lossless working in Windows 7 you need first the codec in the form of a DirectShow filter. This was written by Milenko and combines the BASS audio library, an open-source ALAC module for the BASS audio library, and then this is assembled as a DirectShow filter using Milenko’s framework (this was my idea). Milenko’s filter has subsequently been (probably without permission or thanks) included in all the multi-codec packs and is still I believe the only way to play Apple Lossless in WMP.

    Since Windows 7 has built-in support for AAC files which use the same file extension and format as Apple Lossless, getting a Directshow filter to override the built-in codec is a bit more complicated than it was in Vista and earlier. I find the Shark codec pack for Windows 7 the easiest way to install Milenko’s filter and do the hard work of overriding the built-in one.

    The final issue is where Tim De Baets has helped. Microsoft have gone out of their way in WMP12 to treat Apple Lossless files differently to AAC files even though the file extension, the file format, and the tag format are identical, and even though WMP12 can and does read them including embedded artwork! It will put AAC in the music library section, but will only put Apple Lossless in the other section. Tim has cracked this and his WMP Tag Plus plugin now tricks WMP12 and as a result Apple Lossless files end up correctly in the music library section and play along with AAC files using Milenko’s filter. This also works for Media Center.

    Note: The beta of Windows 7 and WMP12 did not have this problem.

    So we can now play Apple Lossless in Windows Media Center 7 and this may help you include support for AirPlay of this format. Obviously AirPlay is not going to support FLAC as iOS devices do not support FLAC.

  2. Kulvir Bhogal says:

    I checked out your app and it is pretty cool.
    Just some suggestions for future apps that would be popular as well:
    1) An Android version of your Airplay App
    2) A play-to plugin for Windows Media Center that would allow me to let Windows Media Center receive a video from another PC’s windows media player.
    3) A play to plugin that would allow me to remotely send a you tube video to my Windows Media Center.

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