AirPlay for Windows Media Center – Beta 1

I’am please to release the first beta of AirPlay For Windows Media Player



Download AirPlay Client for Windows Media Center:

Or from

You also need Bonjour installed first:

First Review:

Also seen on

must have .net 3.5 installed

Thanks to Jeff S

I was having this issue too, and I just discovered a workaround.

I’m not sure WHY this is happening, but after the RegisterMCEApp.exe error message comes up, close it & finish the installer, and you’ll find in your install directory (the default is Program Files (x86)\\Airplay WMC Client\) three files, two of which should be DLLs and the other should be a .XML

Next, open up a CMD window (search for the application cmd.exe), go into the C:\Windows\ehome\ directory, and tell the application RegisterMCEApp.exe to run the “Registration.xml” file in Airplay WMC Client’s installation folder. So this command:

RegisterMCEApp.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\\Airplay WMC Client\Registration.xml”

It should now show up in Windows Media Center under Settings -> Start Menu and Extras -> Extras Library. Like other people have described, a firewall authorization dialog might pop up behind Windows Media Center the first time you try streaming, but after that IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!